PandaDoc vs DocSend Comparison 2022

PandaDoc vs DocSend

While some people have succeeded to get standard PDF generators to function, most businesses have realized their limits and have instead sought out software created expressly for e signature.

DocSend is now one of the market leaders in the electronic signature industry, but PandaDoc, one of its competitors, has lately garnered a lot of traction. We lay out the differences between DocSend and PandaDoc in our comparison guide to help you choose between the two services.

DocSend vs. PandaDoc: Security

When signing important papers, the security of your information — and that of your customers — is critical. PandaDoc and DocSend both have security mechanisms in place to keep your documents safe. However, DocSend has an advantage in terms of the amount of security features it offers.

PandaDoc is housed on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, which ensures the servers’ physical security. AES-256 encryption and advanced encryption key management are used to encrypt every data. Meanwhile, DocSend’s top-notch security processes have earned it ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certifications. DocSend will check the signer’s identity, track all document activities, apply tamper seals, and more. It also has two-factor authentication, which PandaDoc doesn’t have.

PandaDoc’s security will be enough for most organizations. If you operate in a sensitive business, however, DocSend’s additional standards will be appreciated by your organization.

DocSend vs. PandaDoc: User Focus

PandaDoc and DocSend were designed for slightly different types of users. PandaDoc was created with sales teams in mind, and offers features that would appeal to them directly, such as dynamic price tables and interfaces with major CRM programs.

PandaDoc may not be the greatest answer for a non-sales team or a corporation wishing to utilize one signature tool across many departments due to its concentration on salespeople. DocSend has a more diverse range of tools and services that may be used by teams other than sales.

PandaDoc may be just what you’re searching for if you need a sales-specific signature solution. If you want greater flexibility, though, DocSend should be considered.

Features of PandaDoc vs. DocSend

There are some similarities between PandaDoc and DocSend, such as pre-designed templates and auto-fill data, but there are also significant variances. PandaDoc’s features reflect the company’s emphasis on sales and other customer-facing functions. The tool, for example, has a content library that makes it simple to save information that you commonly reuse in documents. Its artistically stunning templates are also praised by users. PandaDoc also has recipient analysis, which allows you to examine how potential clients interact with various pieces of material and which ones work better than others.

DocSend, on the other hand, provides more powerful choices for producing and altering documents, allowing you to include exactly the data you desire. The DocSend mobile app, which allows users to upload and edit documents on their cellphones, is considerably more capable than PandaDoc. DocSend also has a far larger number of native connectors than PandaDoc, so you’re more likely to discover the one you need there.

PandaDoc vs. DocSend: Customer Support and Training

PandaDoc and DocSend both provide tools to assist customers get the most out of their services and fix any problems that may arise. In terms of training, both services include textual and video information to assist customers in learning how to use the signature tools. They also provide live training in the form of webinars, which you can register for ahead of time.